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Jonni New Lungs' Tour de Transplant Appeal
Jon Rolfe
Expires Friday, 9 September 2016

Jonni New Lungs' Tour de Transplant Appeal

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As many of you know, I was the lucky recipient of a double lung transplant in March 2009.  
Here are two pictures showing the difference: "before " transplant, hooked up on oxygen and barely able to walk across the room; 3 years "after" transplant, running out of the water after swimming 2.4km from Alcatraz Island back to the shore.
Before   After
Having experienced the transplant journey firsthand I know how difficult, traumatic and stressful it is, that is why I give something back to the transplant community by volunteering for the Heart and Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) Inc.  We are a small charity enitrely run by volunteers all of whom are either transplant recipients or carers of recipients.  Unlike other charities our staff costs are nil, so any donation you make goes directly to help other transplant families.
Not only I am deeply involved in HLTTV and organising the Tour de Transplant, I have decided to make even more of a difference by creating my very own fundraising appeal for the Tour.  The Tour is a 5 day 600km cycling challenge along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, led by legend Phil Anderson. Aside from the cycling challenge itself, riders are also raising money to support HLTTV's Second Chance Accommodation Program. As an organizer I am too busy to ride, but I am keen to raise funds; any amount no matter how small or large will make a difference!
Donors often like to know how their money is being spent - $2,500 will help one family with accommodation for 3 months, being their required period of need post transplant; $5,000, two families; $7,500, 3 families; and $10,000, 4 families or one apartment for a whole year. We are currently only able to provide less than half of transplant families with accommodation. The need is both immediate and ongoing.
Through here you can easily support my efforts by making a secure donation. I would also really appreciate it if you could share my page above or comment below so more people know about it. 
Click the 'Donate' button on this page to make a secure online donation or just click here.
All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you will be issued with a DGR receipt via email as soon as you make a donation.
Thanks so much for your support! 
Heart and Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) Inc.

Heart and Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) Inc.

The Heart and Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) Inc. is a not-for-profit association whose membership consists of heart and lung transplant patients, recipients, their carers and families.

Our vision is for a bright and active future for all those involved with or in need of a heart or lung transplant. We actively encourage organ donation and support The Alfred Hospital Melbourne, the transplant team, patients, recipients, their families and carers throughout the journey. 

Formed in 1994, five years after The Alfred Hospital performed its first pioneering heart transplant, HLTTV is managed by a committee of dedicated volunteers who have each experienced the heart or lung transplant journey. We are a partner of DonateLife and are a Deductible Gift Recipient, so donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible.




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